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Thursday, 1 March 2012

How To... Fit your LEDs!

SO, I've now fitted a SECOND set of LEDs to my scooter... RED this time. I know, I know, it may be overdoing it a little, but I got so overexcited fitting the blue LEDs that I forget to take any photos for the blog! Thought I'd best get some more lights and record it properly this time :o)

STEP 1 - prop your scooter upside-down somewhere SAFE and STURDY! (and possibly somewhere that you mum won't mind getting a little bit dirty)
(I chose to do prop mine against a glass-topped table over my partner's favourite rug.)

STEP 2 - clean the area that you plan to stick your lights to... dirt is not sticky, and your lights will fall off in a couple of weeks! (The orange thing that you can see in this photo is the blue LED strip that I've already attached, ignore this, I'll be sliding in the red LED strip next to it :o)

STEP 3 - measure up your lights. Be very careful to plan the exact route of the LED strip AND where you plan to stick your battery pack. When you cut the lights, make sure you cut along the dotted line, it's there for a reason!

STEP 4 - Peel the protective paper away from the gum, you don't need to do this all in one go, take your time, you don't want to have to stick it down more than once!

STEP 5 - Stick It Down! 

STEP 6 - Run your wires as sensibly as you can... every different kind of scooter will be different, so think about what will happen when you fold your scooter... spray from puddles, and whether the wires will tug when you 360 the handles. For my scooter, a Micro Rocket, this is where I put the wires / battery pack;
The battery pack is fixed to the scooter with double sided sticky pads... This means that it's reversible if I hate the lights (yeah right...) and also it absorbs the bumps when you're riding so the batteries don't get shaken about. IMPORTANT - make sure you can still open the battery pack once it's fixed to the scooter... batteries don't last forever!
I've got a convenient gap in the shaft of my scooter, and I think most scooters have something similar. This is a great place to run you wires and it's protected from outside forces.

STEP 7 - Put your batteries in. (yes I'm dragging it out now, but wait until you see the final photo ;o)

(In Daylight)

(At Night)

(Blue and Red LEDs at the same time.... AWESOME!)

Happy Pimping! 


  1. This will be so helpful when I get my own scooter! I had no idea that you were so technically proficient.

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