My Scooter needs NEONS, SPEAKERS, a Beer holder, SAT NAV, and maybe a rearview mirror.

Wednesday, 8 February 2012

New Scooter! - Micro Rocket

I've been riding one of these;
for the last 6 years.... (not this exact one, I gave mine away to a mate...) It became incredibly rattley and had a bit of rust (6 years though, good bit of wear eh?). 

In 2011 the wife bought a brand spanking new one!! and it looks like this; 

Pretty fierce huh? 

I think so too... But given the bulkiness of this scooter, and the fact that I'm a fully grown adult who rides my scooter through the middle of 'Party Capital' Brighton most nights...  I figured I might need to pimp it a bit in order to secure the Street Cred that I deserve.... This blog will follow my progress. It will therefore be a relatively short blog.

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