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Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Tiny Bright Light!

My light arrived today. First impressions? It's TINY! The photo on the web (see previous post) is a little misleading, although if I'm honest, it offers no size comparison, so the preconceived size was all in my head... here is it's actual size;
It's got 4 light settings; a) slow strobe, b) slow double flash strobe, c) fast strobe, d) full on.

It's a clever design, fits really snuggly around the shaft of my scooter and looks neat! It's also incredibly bright!

I'm thinking I might move it to the centre of the handle bars, but that'll mean taking the shaft apart... maybe another day ;o) I think I'll get rid of the handle clip too (the bit above the light) as I never fold my handles down. Perhaps it'll be useful for a pimp later on though?

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  1. Glad the light arrived. Don't forget to keep all the paperwork just in case.