My Scooter needs NEONS, SPEAKERS, a Beer holder, SAT NAV, and maybe a rearview mirror.

Sunday, 12 February 2012

Knogg Frogg!

Mother has just ordered one of these for me;
They look pretty nifty huh? Nice contemporary design, smooth lines and olive green to go with the beast! (I'm trying out various names for my scooter, none successful so far.... all sound too phallic. Suggestions on a postcard?)

Funky scooter / bike lights;


  1. I'm not sure that mentioning your mother does a lot for your street cred!! I enjoyed the mental picture of you trying to scoot with an open can of beer - are there laws about drinking and scooting? So what's next?

    1. Why not?! You're about as hip as Mother's get I reckon?!

      Unsure of booze-scooting laws... you're not allowed to drink at all on the streets of Brighton... but you know full well what Brighton does to law-abiding citizens like me and you!!!

      Not sure what's next... We'll see how the Knog Frog light works out, then start working on either more lights or the in-house entertainment system. Lights / speakers / ipod will all be attached.... perhaps a wing-mirror... You have any suggestions? xxx